An Update from the United States

I have been back in the United States for a little over two years now. People still ask me about South Korea. They want to know if I am still abroad, and if I am planning to return. Yes. I certainly plan to return to South Korea to visit. Although I loved the experience, I would rather return as a tourist and stay for a shorter period. I wouldn’t want to lock myself into a year’s contract.

What is Claudine Williams Doing Now?
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Life after South Korea

It has been a year since I returned from South Korea, and I miss it. I miss being able to walk around at 2 a.m. without watching my back so much. Back home, you are not likely to catch me walking the streets that late. I felt safer in South Korea, in a way. However, I’m not saying that there were not dangers on the streets in South Korea. My main concern was probably people who had too much to drink and were uninhibited. I wasn’t afraid of being robbed or anything like that. I do believe that women should be aware that sexual assaults occur everywhere, South Korea is no different. For the most part, while going to the store, or coming home from hanging out with friends, people left me alone.

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Shopping in South Korea

Nampo Dong Station Can you believe that this shopping mall is in a subway in South Korea? Many of the stations in South Korea have shopping malls, called arcades. When I first saw the sign advertising an arcade in the mall, I thought that there were video games there.

Korean Food Culture

When you are in Korea, you can expect to be asked out to eat by your co-workers. My school had team building activities in which teachers were more or less required to have dinner or lunch together. We each had to pay a monthly fee for these gatherings. I think that the fee began at about 10,000 won and went up to 20,000 won or something like that. The gatherings were more fun when we were able to leave work early. The second term I was there, the meetings were held after school. My experiences varied. Sometimes I had a lot of fun, my co-workers would try to talk to me in English. Sometimes I ate in silence.

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